Around the world by train?

Russian railways want to take train travel to a whole other level. A little while ago the president of the Russian railways proposed a new plan that will make travel between Europe and the USA possible by train! A massive Trans-Siberian highway would be placed in the narrow strip that is the Bering Sea between Asia and North America. Under the name “Trans-Eurasian Belt Development” the project includes a new rail network, highway and oil and gas lines, this all right next to the already existing Trans-Siberan Railway.


If you could go around the world by train, would you do it? By


The shortest distance between Rusland and Alaska is about 88 kilometers. It is still unclear how they are going to be covering this distance. However, theoretically it should be possible to go from London to New York over “land”.

Officials believe that the plan should be possible earliest around 2030, we still have a little wait ahead of us. However, they also believe that if the train is high speed, this travel method will be faster than flying.

I on the other hand would do the trip just to say that I rode a train around the world!

Anyone else loving this plan?

If you could go around the world by train, would you do it? By





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