Uncovering the Great Barrier Reef

  The Great Barrier Reef is one of the more popular world heritage sites in the world, it has been on the list since 1981 and is visited by approximately 2 million people each year. The reef is next to a … Read More

JUMP THE BEACH skydiving at its best!

“Why the heck am I doing this” is all I had been thinking after waking up at 5.30 AM on that warm morning in July. Promising myself that everything would be OK, that I wouldn’t die, that this was an … Read More

10 things you didn’t know about Myanmar

Myanmar was a country run by military dictatorship, making it a pariah to the world. Military generals have been accused of forcing labour on all habitants, including children and aggressively relocating whole families. In 2010 the people chose for a … Read More

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