How much do you earn in Australia?

As a European and a member of most other “first world countries” it is possible to get a Working Holiday Visa to work for at least a year in Australia. This is probably nothing new to you and I bet that you next to many others are already planning your great adventure. Australia is the perfect country for work and play. Work hard and in your weekends or in between jobs take a “holiday” of a few months to explore this enormous playground. No matter what you do, you’ll definitely be going on some crazy adventures. AND adding money to your savings account! But before you leave on your great exploration. You’re probably wondering how much you’ll be earning on this great adventure, and what kind of jobs you’ll be doing?!

Earnings Australia Working Holiday Visa Budget Salary


Getting a job in Australia works the same as getting a job at home. You’re gonna have to apply at employment agencies, hand out your cv at different companies, and ask around if your friends know about any jobs. Another option is to start you Australia trip with a starter pack, there are numerous companies that set these up. This way you’ll be able to use their job-database. They’ll help you with you cv and you’ll get some useful tips for your interview. It is important to research and prepare yourself for the kind of work you want to do. If you want to experience real rural Australia and work on one of the big ranches. Then you’ll probably need a ranch course to get started. For a job in hospitality you’ll also need a certificate.


Travel with the seasons, during summertime in Melbourne and Sydney there are a lot more jobs. These might not be dream jobs, but you’ll be sure to have an income during that period (November – March).

Not following the seasons? You’ll always be able to do fruit picking somewhere.


Backpackers often earn minimum wage, which is between 15 and 25 AUD (€10 – €15). This is way way way more than anyone earns on minimum wage in Europe!

money ausEarnings Australia Working Holiday Visa Budget Salary


Everyone want to earn as much as they can in as little as time possible right? Just like at home this means that you’re going to have to work harder. Working in the middle of nowhere (outback), or during big events such as Australia Day or New Years usually earn big. Another thing to consider is working nightshift, your neighbor might start thinking you’re a vampire, but you’ll be earning big!

Earnings Australia Working Holiday Visa Budget Salary


Life in Australia can be as expensive as you make it, but since most backpackers are looking to save money, we’ll tell you about budget life. I won’t be beating around the bush. Life in Australia is plain expensive, especially coming from Europe. BUT, since you’ll be earning more here, it won’t hurt too bad.

You’re cheapest option when it comes to accommodation is to either stay in a cheapish hostel or rent a share apartment (this means you’ll be sharing a bedroom in an apartment with 1 or 2 others). Prices vary greatly from location to location and depending on what season you’re in. You’ll find cheaper rooms somewhere in the outback compared to Sydney or another big city, and winter is cheaper than summer.


  • 1 night in a dorm : 20 – 35 AUD p.p.
  • 1 night in a private: 70 – 120 AUD
  • 1 night camping: 15 – 25 AUD
  • 1 week share room: 150 – 300 AUD p.p.

On average you’ll be spending at least 2000 AUD per month, this includes accommodation and food. Of course there’ll be months where you spend more, everyone likes a party every once in a while. But you’ll soon get the hang of it and before you know it you’re a budgeting expert.

Earnings Australia Working Holiday Visa Budget Salary


Get help with finding a job in Australia!

When you start your Australian adventure with a starter pack a lot of first things are arranged for you. They’ll help you organise your accommodation, get you a bank card and a sim card for your phone. You’ll get help with your TAX number, and they’ll sort out your mail for the first 12 months. Lastly they’ll also help you get a job! There are many different companies that offer starter packs, be sure to shop around and see which one fits you best.

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Earnings Australia Working Holiday Visa Budget Salary

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    These are all great suggestions! I have met many travelers who have come to Australia on a Working Holiday visa and have loved their experience. The pay is really good, which leaves a nice saving for travel to explore the country more.

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