How to travel the world for free!?

“How the heck do you afford all your travels?!!”

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question. But to be honest, it’s not that big of a mystery. So, before anyone asks me how I will be funding my next trip, i’ll share all my secrets with you here!

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This website allows you to connect with local hosts during your travels that let you stay in their home for free. For a night, or even two or three you could stay on their couch or in a spare room. The best part of this whole experience is that you get to experience an area with a local, people signed up on this site are often very open, friendly and adventurous. When looking for a host it is important to go through their profiles and reviews, just make sure you are comfortable with the situation and then contact them. I have to admit that it can be a bit scary to ring a doorbell and meet your host for the first time. There are some creepers out there that don’t even have a couch and expect you to sleep in their bed. However, most of the people I’ve met I still keep in touch with and some I even call my friends!

Teach english abroad

There are loads of opportunities for fluent English speakers to teach English abroad in private/elementary or high schools even without teaching credentials. Most jobs want you to be TEFL certified, which can be easily gained by completing coursework. This means that English doesn’t have to be your mother language (it’s definitely not mine!) you just have to speak it fluently. Salaries vary massively on the region your in. It’s been rumoured that Japan and South Korea offer the best salaries to TEFL instructors.

Become an Au Pair

If you love children and you love travelling, this might be the gig for you. There are hundreds and thousands of families looking for Au Pairs from all around the world. As an Au Pair you can expect to receive free board and room and often some side payment as well. Host families often look for nannies with special skills, this could be a language, an instrument, or a hobby, that could be thought to the kids. If you are interested in becoming an Au Pair Au Pair World connects families with nannies and even offer a database where you can browse through different countries and get in touch with a potential match. The main gain from becoming an Au Pair is that you really immerse yourself in a different culture and learn a lot about their traditions and customs.

Volunteer at a hostel 

Staying at a hostel for free is almost like the best thing ever, if you’re backpacking! Moreover, it’s also a really good way to extend your stay while traveling. There are always those hostels that you just can’t stop thinking about and feel like home away from home, and you just really never want to leave. Fortunately there are often loads of opportunities for free room and board at hostels, just ask the staff and keep your fingers crossed!

Become an instructor

Do you have any skills!? It is so easy to become an instructor, so if you are good at skiing, biking, climbing, diving or surfing – you will have a massive chance of getting that job! Speaking different languages is often also a big plus when you’re applying for an instructor job. Visit adventure work now to start looking for that dream job!


This might be one of my favourite ways to travel. You work on organic and sustainable properties in exchange for room and board. During your stay you are expected to work around four to six hours every day for a minimum of two days. WWOOF-ing jobs can be anything from farm work, to cleaning or gardening. The best bit is that after you put in those hours you are free to explore your surroundings and then come home to a home cooked meal and a warm bed.

Free transportation

Walking is the way to go. During my travels I walk almost anywhere to visit those cosy laneways and explore hidden beaches. Walking is not only FREE, it is also a great way to get in some exercise, take some great photos and really connect to your surroundings.

Crowd fund your trip

Traveling while other people pay for it, it might sound like some kind of fairytale. But right now right at this second, people are doing just that. T

There are numerous crowd funding websites and they are fairly easy to set up. However, the setting up bit is not the hard part. You need a purpose a goal and a lot of heart for this to work. People need to see the outcome as something useful, something worthy before they’ll pay for it.

So if you have a plan, this could be anything from writing a book, starting a blog or creating a documentary, make that crowd fund page and get people to support you, and you might be living that fairytale for yourself.

Some last words of advice…

JUST GO! Live while you can, money is just a means to an end, freedom and happiness are the ultimate goals!

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