Liebster Award Nomination

A few weeks ago I was nominated by Sonderbarmii for the Liebster Award. Due to much procrastination and other stuff that seemed more important at the time, but totally wasn’t of course I just now managed to put up this post.

Liebster award nominations, how exciting!!! Discover some new blogs now. by

What is it? How does it work? And how do you get nominated?

Since I am totally new in the travel blogging and blogging community in general I didn’t even know this award existed! I’m still very happy and honoured to have been chosen by Michelle. Go check out her blog she is awesome, and writes loads of interesting stuff about her travels and traveling and food in general. Back to the Liebster Award, for all of you who also don’t know what it is about. It is an award that is given by a new blogger to another new blogger. You could kind of see it as a chain mail actually. Since it will keep on going forever, because more and more awesome blogs keep on popping up! With this award you just get some more recognition in the blogging world, they get to know you and you get to know them. How this work is that every blogger that gives the award answers 11 questions that are given to them by the one that nominated them, and so it keeps on going!

Sonderbarmii came up with these awesome questions.

1. Where are you from?

I’m from the Netherlands, I grew up in a city all the way at the bottom of the country called Vlissingen. Now a live a little more up North in Breda. This is more of a student city and here I’m finishing up my bachelor in Tourism and Business.

2.What do you do for a living? In other words, what pays for your travels?

I have been a full-time student for what feels like my whole life. Unfortunately school doesn’t pay me for my average grades, so I’ve been working odd jobs since I was 15. In the last five years I’ve worked at McDonald’s, it doesn’t sound amazing, but it pays my travels and they keep letting me come back after I’ve been gone for months on end.

It has been a struggle to be honest, my salary isn’t great since I need to focus on getting my degree as well..

Liebster award nominations, how exciting!!! Discover some new blogs now. by

3. What was the most epic or crazy experience you had while traveling?

There are so many!! Ehm.. let me think. I guess I’ll choose that one time I was in Albania and we went white water rafting. They took us to this tiny little town high up in the mountains. When we got there we had to load up the boats to the top of the van, tying them up with some rope and hoping for the best. If you’ve ever been in Albania you probably know that the roads are just one big hole in the ground so getting up the mountain with 10 people in the van plus two boats on top was kinda dramatic. Halfway through going off a steep hill the bottom boat came loose and just started going everywhere. We had to stop to get the ropes back in place, but instead of tying them up again, the guides wanted the people inside the van to hold them. In the mean time the van had loads of trouble getting up the mountain, the motor couldn’t handle it and the overall experience was just very scary riding on the side of a mountain on a terrible road.

The rafting in the end was really good! Such a recommendation, I don’t really remember with what company we went, but it was one located in Tirana!

4. What is the one thing that always makes you cringe when you are traveling abroad?

I very, very, very much dislike tourists that are super rude to locals. I get that you are on a holiday and you are often there to relax, but seriously show some respect! Tourists are told that they should bargain and try to lower prices everywhere. But 300 Baht for a 20 minute taxi ride for your whole family is nothing, NOTHING. And then when the taxi driver doesn’t lower they get angry and frustrated throw the money to the cabbie and yell something in their own language. Don’t they get that this guy probably need to feed his whole family from this, and you are worrying about a euro extra.

Or that time when you went out for dinner and they didn’t have a menu in your own language, just in English and their local language. Cheer the hell up, just ask someone to translate it for you to your own language, your on a holiday RELAX. No reason to freak out to the people there just trying to do their job.

5. Share one of your most memorable travel photos and tell us what it captured for you?

This is maybe not a photo that I made, and not a moment I remember because I was so young, but it is one that I cherish very much. In the photo I’m the little munchkin in the carry on on my grandpa’s back. We used to go to this area (Picos de Europa – Spain) all the time, last trip to this specific mountain was in 2013. I love hiking here, it is a part of Spain that is not overrun by tourists yet and you can literally hike here for days on end without running into too many others.

So what did this photo capture for me? A very special moment with one of the greatest granddad’s that every lived..

Liebster award nominations, how exciting!!! Discover some new blogs now. by

6. What is the one useful travel tip you always share with new travelers?

Be open to new experiences, people, destinations, activities and anything that comes in your way. The world is not a scary places, it might seem like that because you just don’t know it well enough. And a bit cliche but You Only Live Ones, so make the best of it and don’t worry about other people’s opinions and money too much, everything will find it’s way!

7. Why do you travel?

Because I cannot not travel. I love the rush of the unknown, the different sights the new experiences. Adventures are awesome and I have met too many people that regret not doing what I’m doing now.

8. What do you struggle with as a travel blogger?

I haven’t been blogging for a very long time. The biggest struggle at the moment is keeping up with social media and attracting more people to my blog, which also has to do with social media. So any tips and tricks are highly appreciated!

9. What is your favourite trip travel book or film?

I’m obsessed with “The Way” about the Camino de Santiago walk in Spain. The walk is on my bucket list and the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about just doing it so much. But it is quite an investment of time, that I don’t really have at the moment. So, I guess for now I’ll just be re-watching the movie another 10 times before I actually get to doing it myself.
Liebster award nominations, how exciting!!! Discover some new blogs now. by

10. What gave you the inspiration for your first trip as an adult?

My first real trip sort of alone was with my ex-boyfriend when I just turned 18. We went to Egypt, just because I really wanted to see the pyramids and all the other amazing sights. The trip itself ended up being total chaos due to relationship issues and us breaking up right after. But all that drama was so worth it after seeing those special places.

Another great thing is that we ended up going the summer just before all hell broke loose in Egypt!

11. What are your best and worst qualities?

This is such a hard questions, I guess I’ll just start with my worst.. I like things to go my way, it’s not that I’m not open for suggestions, but with a lot of people I feel like they are not even listening to my suggestions, so I end up feeling really bad about the whole situation and end up doing what they want. Another one is that I’m a perfectionist, I like things to go really well and stuff to look neat. I believe that this is also a good quality to have. I also see myself as an open person that always looks for new adventures and the good in every place and person.

Thank you again Michelle for nominating me!

My nominees

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I’m really looking forward to your answers, here are the questions!

  1. How many countries have you visited? And on which continents have you been?
  2. If you could start all over with your blog, what would you do differently?
  3. What is your favourite destination in the whooooole wide world? and why?
  4. What do your friends and family think of your blog?
  5. Where is your next trip going?
  6. You have a 14 hour flight, what do you do on the plane?
  7. What is one thing that you NEVER travel without?
  8. What is your best experience whilst travelling?
  9. and what is your worst experience?
  10. Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
  11. You’re stuck on a deserted island and you can bring 10 things, what are they?
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  1. sonderbarmii
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    Love reading your answers to my questions!! I especially love the picture with your grandpa, this is so sweet!!

    • anne030890
      | Reply

      I had so much fun going through them, even though I had to think about some of them for a while. My grandpa was such an adventurer, great inspiration :). Ah damn, just came up with an awesome question that I so should have asked in my 11 questions.. 🙁

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