My favs in travel music – January

I never leave for a trip without some new songs in my playlist! I literally cried one time when I found out on the plane that I forget my headphones. A 3 hour flight can be terribly long when you expected to listen to music and instead got to stare at the free brochures they give you.

I wanted to share with you my favourite songs for when I’m travelling. These are the ones I recently discovered, hence the “January” in the title. I’m by the way totally in love with Spotify, and the best thing is, you can get it for FREE!

Aviccii – Broken Arrows

This song is in my opinion one of the best of his new album!

Jonas Blue ft. Dakota – Fast Car

Have had a serious obsession with this Tracy Chapman’s song for as long as I can remember, this remake does silly things with my heart.

Ellie Goulding – Army

A song from her new album, about friendships, about that one person that will always be there for you no matter what.

Matt Simons – Catch & Release

Just a feel good song!

Prince Royce – Culpa al Corazón

Don’t you think that all his song sound kinda the same? Might be because my Spanish isn’t great.. His songs always give me that summer feel!

Sean Kingston – One Away

His lyrics aren’t the greatest, but the tune and style always make me feel like I’m relaxed on a beach in Jamaica..

Taylor Swift – Out of the Woods

Come on.. everyone loves some Taylor now and then!

Fall Out Boy ft. Demi Lovato – Irresistible

Every playlist needs a power song right?

Zendaya – Neverland

First song of Zendaya that I actually like! Might have to do with the fairytale theme..

Chet Faker – Talk is Cheap

This guy seriously needs more attention from everyone. He’s amazing, you should def check out some of his other songs!!

Rise Against – People Live Here

A beautiful song with a great message.

Sam Hunt – House Party

This guy, I’m seriously crushing here.. He’s sooooo pff, and his lyrics! He can definitely bring a good time to me!

Diggy Dex ft JW Roy – Treur niet

I had to put this Dutch song in here. It’s been at the top of the charts for a few months now and the message is just great. This song is literally a celebration of life, about singing your last song and finding peace. Sounds kinda depressing and the lyrics might be, it has even been said that this will probably the most played songs at funerals the upcoming years. However, still a great song! Don’t regret, live while you can.

Danielle Bradbery – Friend Zone

Remember Danielle? I think she won the Voice either last year or the year before that! This is her second single and it’s kinda catchy! – “Let me get it down to the facts, you’ll never get a girl like that..”

Mary J. Blige – Doubt

Mary brought out a new album, and it needs to be heard! So many songs about self empowerment, and being proud of who you are. Go listen and be inspired.

Justin Bieber

The location where this video was shot is just incredible. Iceland needs to be my next destination..

Zara Larsson

This Swedish teenager knows how to sing!

Let me know what your favourite song is at the moment!

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