Should you get travel insurance?

Should you get travel insurance -

This silly little question is asked more often than you’d think. From world travelers to city trippers, this is a question that needs an answer before you leave. You might not believe it but opinions vary greatly when it comes to travel insurance.

The answer is always ‘yes’.

No one ever wants to be in the situation that you have to use it. However, if you are traveling the world, no matter how long, or to whatever corner of the world, it is not worth the risk. It’s important to always protect yourself against the unthinkable and make sure that every little hiccup is covered. This way you can go on your holiday without a worry in the world!

9 questions to ask yourself

There are literally hundreds of reasons why you need travel insurance, but these are some of the most common ones.

  • You could get sick or injured. How can you go about locating a doctor who speaks English, and how can you cover the costs made?
  • Lost luggage. You arrive on your location, but your luggage went to another destination. How do you go about reimbursing for necessities? What if your bag is never found?
  • Your wallet or passport is stolen. Where do you go to get official documents replaced?
  • Medical evacuation. What if there is no adequate facility to get treated for whatever illness you caught on your trip. Who would help you with an evacuation?
  • Natural disasters. The destination is hit by a storm and the whole city is evacuated. Who will assist you and make sure you get home safe? Who will pay for the expenses you make?
  • One of your connecting flights gets canceled. Who helps you get to your destination, and how about all the costs made?
  • You booked a tour with a tour operator, but the company goes bankrupt. Can you be refunded, or will your trip be salvaged?
  • Terrorism is happening. You can’t get around it. But what if it your destination is affected by terrorism? What do you do if you would like to cancel? Or how do you get home if you’re already there?
  • Someone within your family gets seriously ill. Will you be able to cancel your trip? Are you going to be reimbursed for the costs made? Who helps you get home when you’re already at your destination and is someone going to cover the costs?

All these questions can be answered by a simple answer. Your travel insurance! So, now the next question is “which one works for me?”.

How to choose the best travel insurance

  • Find a reputable company. Check reviews from travelers that used the company before.
  • Can you change the insurance on the road? You might end up doing some sports that you didn’t think you’d do before hand.
  • Is it easy to contact the company from abroad? Time zones can be confusing, make sure the company can be reached 24/7.
  • Make sure your flight or other types of transport covered by the insurance.
  • Find out if you need the approval of the insurance before seeking medical insurance, or if you can go out on your own and reimburse later.
  • Make sure extreme sports and/or activities covered if you are participating in them. Even snorkeling can be seen as an “extreme sport”.
  • Find out if all medical treatments are covered, or if the insurance only covers emergencies.


Now the big question is, do I have any recommendations? One of my favorites must be the travel insurance by World Nomads, they’ve got a super easy website and are very flexible! You can use their insurance no matter where you’re from, and they are partnered with TourRadar, Intrepid, Rough Guides, and Lonely Planet.

If for some reason World Nomads is not your cup a tea, these are some other very excellent travel insurance providers.


Should you get Travel Insurance -

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