The ultimate travel planning guide for beginners

The ultimate travel planning guide for beginners. - by

Planning a trip can be stressful, even for those most experienced it can be hectic and just one big question.

Where, what, when, how, who ??

So here I am to give you some of the tips and tricks that I’ve gathered over the years. We’ll just do it step by step so that this time when your next trip comes around. You’ll be a pro at anything and everything regarding travel planning.

What kind of trip do I want?

This should always be the first question you ask yourself. What exactly are you looking for? Luxury, adventure, endless beach days or hiking through the mountains. Maybe you’d like a mix of different things, or maybe you just want it all. The most important thing is that you know what you want, only after realising what you’re looking for we’ll be able to answer the next question.

Where do I want to go?

We now know what you are looking for in a holiday. Now the big decision of where you want to go comes around. It is important to realise that some destinations just don’t offer what you want. Canada for example; is not the place to go for nice beaches, and some destinations just don’t offer that many luxurious getaways.

Travel Planning Guide Beginners

When should I go?

NOW!! Right now is always the best time to go. But, if you’re stuck to certain dates this is not a problem. I would recommend going in summer when you want to go to the beach, in winter when you want to go see the Aurelia Borealis and in spring or autumn for the more adventurous hikes. This is all up to you, what kind of weather do you think you need for the activities you have planned? Waterskiing won’t be much fun when it’s cold, and hiking in the rain is no fun either. Take into account that not all countries have the season at the same time, and some destinations don’t really have seasons at all!

How do I find the best flights deals?

Finding the best flights is not an exact science, I did discover a few methods that will help you get the best deals at that point in time.

Some of the websites I use are Holiday PiratesCheap Tickets or Skyscanner. These websites are great for finding good fare sales, deals, and mistake fares. I also follow them on Facebook, this way I’m always up to date with good deals coming through!

TIP TIP TIP – I often book my flights with different carriers. Last week, for example, I flew to Nice with EasyJet and flew out of Marseille with Ryanair. I saved over € 40 by flying with different companies and from different cities. I always look at airports that are close together in the same country, sometimes they have great deals at one airport, where the other costs a lot.

DO’s when booking a flight

  • Start researching your flights at least 3 months in advance.
  • It is proven that most of the best flights are booked about 6 to 8 weeks before departure.
  • Be flexible. The more flexible you are, the more money you will save.

DONT’s when booking a flight

  • STOP WAITING for that cheaper flight, this way you’ll lose any advance that looking at flights in advance gave you.
  • Don’t look back, there might be a flight cheaper than the one you’ve bought at some point. You’re not going to be able to change anything about it! There is this saying “It’s no use crying over spilled milk”, I’ll just change it to:

“It’s no use crying over already paid flight tickets” – by Anne from Wonderluhst

The ultimate travel planning guide for beginners. - by

How to find the best accommodation?

Finding accommodation depends on your style of travel. If you are backpacking you’ll probably be looking for a cheap hostel, with a great common area and clean beds (TIP – if you travel alone, always look for hostels with common areas, it’s way easier to make friends this way!!). If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, you might be looking for a resort, and if you’re on a city break you might an apartment or hotel. As I said before, accommodation is really all about your style of travel, and the budget you have per night.

Best websites for finding all kinds of accommodation:

  • From budget to luxury (very good in Asia!) – Agoda
  • € 25 off your next stay – AirBnB
  • My favourite for destinations around the world! –

What kind of activities can I do on my trip?

I find this the most exciting part of planning my trip. I love researching all the different kinds of activities that can be done at a destination, and daydream of zip line adventures through forests way before I even get there. I usually look for inspiration either on Trip Advisor or via Lonely Planet.

Ultimate Travel Planning Guide Beginners

Discount cards !!!

I love love love discount cards, there are so many, for almost any destination in the world! During my last trip through Australia, I used the ISIC student discount card. It literally saved me HUNDREDS of dollars, if you are still doubting about spending 30 bucks on it I would say to just do it. It will save you so so much! I don’t have much experience with any other specific discount cards, but they often do more good than harm. So don’t forget to look into them before you leave!

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The ultimate travel planning guide for beginners. - by

Safe travels xoxo


11 Responses

  1. Probe around the Globe
    | Reply

    The most challenging thing for me is always to see what has priority over what from my bucketlist. There are so many great options out there.

  2. Carmelisse
    | Reply

    Have you ever heard of hopper? It’s a really cool app that shows you whether you should wait on buying a ticket or purchase asap!

  3. Chantell
    | Reply

    This is a great list for beginners or really anyone who needs a refresher. There is so much to think about that we can forget little tricks to save money or not know about the latest website for looking for flights or accommodation. I always use the trick for booking flights around 8 weeks before. I know it’s not 100% accurate but from published articles and my experience, it often works!

  4. Daniela Frendo
    | Reply

    This is a great guide – it’s brief, yet it touches on many important points, and non-beginners can learn a few things from it, too! I tend to buy a Lonely Planet guide book for every new place that I visit, I find them very useful and they’re easy to read.

  5. Amandas_Wanderlust
    | Reply

    All very good advice, especially for newbie travellers or those heading out solo for the first time. I haven’t really thought about discount cards before, but great idea (especially if you’re still able to use a student card).

  6. Cynthia
    | Reply

    The step 2, “where do I want to go” is usually the hardest because it’s so hard to narrow down my long bucket list of places haha. Thanks for this great guide!

  7. RosiEscapes
    | Reply

    Good points. For Who? make sure have travel buddy with similar interests. don’t want a party booper. 🙂

  8. pwsblogger
    | Reply

    Nice post! I always get overwhelmed right before I trip, even if I start planning a year in advance.

  9. Eva Casey
    | Reply

    What a great, thorough guide for beginners! I personally love using all of the things you recommended above! I also highly recommend the app Hopper for finding cheap flights!

  10. Anita
    | Reply

    Thanks for the great tips. It is good to refresh and have another point of view. For long distance flights I search even 3-4 months before. Some airlines have quite set time of sales twice a year, for example Finnair around March and August. Happy travels!

  11. alam
    | Reply

    just discover this site from somewhere. great sharing story & experiences. i will recommend this site to my friends out there.

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