Top 5 things to do in Sydney

Sydney is to my knowledge the most well known city in Australia. With its impressive skyline, beautiful parks, and gorgeous beaches it is a place you need to visit when going down under. In this article I’ll introduce you to my top 5 favorite things to do in Sydney.

Visit the Opera House

Sydney Opera House from a ferry. Blue water, blue sky, iconic building, opera house building. Sydney skyline.

The Sydney Opera House is by far the most iconic part of Sydney and a must for this list of things to do in Sydney. You can see it at every tourist stop, souvenir and postcard. Ask someone about Australia or Sydney and this building will be the first thing that comes to mind. When I first saw the Opera House I just couldn’t believe how big it actually is and how good they planned out the location of it. Right in the middle of the city with good connections to all the suburbs. The building is a true beauty that looks good no matter what angle you look at it. Don’t forget to check it out at night as it lights up when the sun goes down. The best spot to take a photo is from the water, you can take a ferry from Circular Quay which is just around the corner from the Opera House. If you happen to have extra time, be sure to also go inside and visit a concert, the inside also looks fantastic.

Take a ferry to Manly

Visit to Manly, Australia. Beach, blue sky, blue ocean, trees. A gorgeous view of the beach side.

Manly is one of the prettiest and also most expensive suburbs in Sydney. You can easily get there from the city by taking a ferry (take a ferry from Circular Quay and you’ll also go past the Opera House). Manly is also a peninsula and has a beautiful coastline and great beaches for surfing and relaxing. A cool fact is that The Great Gatsby (the one from 2013 with Leo Dicaprio in it) was filmed in manly. You wouldn’t say when looking at the film as they edited to make sure it looked american and fit in with the story.

Do the Bondi to Coogee Beach coastal walk

Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk. Rock formations, ocean, blue sky, blue sea.

This was one of my favorite things that I did when I visited Sydney! Many people will know Bondi Beach from the Bondi Rescue tv show, that covers the handsome lifeguards that save hundreds if not thousands of people every year. Bondi Beach can get crowded during summer time, make sure you are prepared for this! The beach itself is located in a beaufiul bay and has good waves for surfing. Walking along the beach you’ll notice the stairs going op the coastal line which take you all around the rugged coast line to Coogee Beach. It is about a 6 kilometer (3.7 miles) of beautiful cliffs, bays, greens and places to spot surfers.

Explore Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains view near Sydney, Australia. Three sister rocks, mountain area. Green and blue views.

I’m aware that the Blue Mountains aren’t technically part of Sydney. However, it is very easy to get there from Sydney for a day or weekend trip. If you’re a fan of hiking the Blue Mountains is a place you shouldn’t miss. The views are amazing, the cliffs steep and there are more treks that you’ll be able to do in the time you’re there. It takes about two hours to reach the town (Katoomba) near the blue mountains from Sydney, the train is a great way to get there as it’ll also offer you some beautiful views along the way.

Relax in the Royal Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Garden near the city center of Sydney. City skyline Australia. Beautiful green park, trees.

Once you’ve seen all the things to do in Sydney there is another little treat only meters away from the Opera House. The large park that opened at the start of the 18th century consist of different flora and fauna. It also gives you a good view of the Sydney Skyline including the Opera House and the harbor bridge. If you want to check out some of the smaller wildlife you can also find this in this little oasis in the city, some animals you might see are the flying foxes (that are massive by the way) and cockatoos. A great place for relaxing and getting out of the busy streets of inner Sydney.

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Find out the top 5 things to do in Sydney, Australia. For Pinterest.
Find out the top 5 things to do in Sydney, Australia. For Pinterest.

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