Travel disasters of 2015

When you travel, not everything always goes the way you want it to go.. You lose something, you lose yourself, you lose more than you like, or something breaks either you or your stuff. You don’t want to know the amount of tears spilled over many of these situations.

Thank god this only last for a little while, in no time you’ll be laughing about that time you head to wash all your clothes because of bed bugs, or when you got so lost you ended staying the night somewhere else (don’t judge! i’m really bad with directions in the dark).

Last year (2015) was a really good travel year for me, I’ve seen more this year than almost any other! However, with the good came some bad, so let’s get into it and hopefully I can entertain you with some of my travel drama.

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Rental car problems


When I was staying in Port Douglas, a small town just above Cairns in Australia, we had to rent a car for literally everything. If you want to go see a movie; car, if you want to go shopping; car, if you want to go do anything except for eat local food or go to de beach; you rent a car. So you could say that we were experienced with car rental and all that comes with it. This specific time, it was weekend and we were going to see a movie and do some shopping, we rented a car as always and didn’t think anything special of it.

Halfway through we ran out of gas, so no problem right? we just fill it up and get going again. So that is what we did, however after only 5 minutes of driving on the car begins to make this weird sound, and driving becomes harder and harder. So as proper adults, we all freak out start screaming at each other (oh god.. the memories) and decide to park the car. After trying to figure out what’s wrong and of course not finding the problem, and in the mean time attracting a crowd with our hysterics – some nice families are trying to help us figure out what is going on.


We then just decide to call the rental agency. The lady said she was just about to ring us, she had given us a different car then before and this is one that didn’t need gas, it needed diesel. What do you think we put in? We literally destroyed the whole motor of the car!! Thank goodness it wasn’t our fault, otherwise we would have gotten a bill the size of Australia itself. To end the story, we never made it to Cairns, to watch that movie and do the shopping we’d been longing for, poor us, poor us..

Bed bugs

I lived in a hostel for about 8 months in 2015. You could say I was lucky and I only had bed bugs ones. But OMG, you wake up in the middle of the night, this itchy feeling. A bit like sand fleas? Have you ever had a sand flea plague on the beach, you can compare that to bed bugs. It is the most horrible feeling that tens to hundreds little bed bugs crawl out of the mattress and your bedding to come take a little snack of your blood.

I can tell you that I did not sleep at all that night! That whole month I was freaking out every time I had a little itch! Also had to wash all my clothes, which for a backpacker was an enormous amount. The hostel did offer me a pretty incredible discount if I wanted to book more nights..

Laptop drama

Someone drowned my laptop in lemonade.. Thinking about it still hurts a little, that laptop was like my baby, I was so damn careful with it. This wasn’t even really my fault, someone was siting next to me with some lemonade. She dropped her lemonade, and instead of letting it fall to the ground, she tried to save it. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER, while trying to save it she threw it all over the keyboard of my beloved MacBook Air..

Mac’s don’t like water, or lemonade for that matter I can tell you that. I let it dry in rice for 2 days, but my precious just wouldn’t start again. I had to go to a mac store to see if they could save the data on my laptop. I hadn’t put some of my schoolwork and photos on my harddrive yet, stupid me.. Thank the almighty mac store people, they literally saved my life and saved my placement reports!

They managed to get everything from my laptop, the laptop itself was destroyed and it would cost about 2000 Australian dollars to fix it. I decided to go the last 2 months of my trip without a laptop, and buy a new one when I got home. Due to the girl who did this not having proper travel insurance, it all fell on my own and it unfortunately didn’t cover all the costs of the data recovery and buying a new laptop..

Tour bus night adventure


During my placement in Melbourne, Australia, my mom and her friend came to visit me for a few weeks. We did loads of touristy stuff, of which also a trip to Phillip Island. We had an amazing day, I can recommend going to see the cutest parade on earth to anyone! Penguins are now by far my favourite animal.. Back to the drama though, we just left the penguin parade and were headed back to Melbourne. All of the sudden we hear a muffled scream from the driver and the bus drives right into the gutter. He went to check it out, ordering us to stay in the bus.

The verdict; one of our tires kinda fell off, but no worries mate, he has a spare in the back! After sitting on the desolated road in the dark, in the middle of nowhere for about 20 minutes without change, some people start to worry. The driver tells us that he forgot the spare tire at home. Like wtf? How did that happen? Another bus had to come pick us up, it would take a few hours.. So there we stood, literally only a few kilometers from where the amazing Hemsworth brothers were born an raised. And all we could do was nothing, because there was no reception and no food, just a lot of crickets.

GoPro water catastrophe


During one of my snorkeling trips I brought my GoPro, as I always do, in its underwater cover. Everything was fun and games and for the first two stops was okay. Then we came to the third and last stop of the day, here we were going to see sea turtles!! I have this weird obsession with turtles, they are like dinosaurs you know.. I had been charging my GoPro inside a little bit and was putting it back in its cover for the last dive.


And then.. It broke, the little black shutter, that you use to shut the cover, it just broke in half! I didn’t even do anything weird with it, it just broke! I’m still a bit flabbergasted about the whole situation now, how did it just break!? So now the turtles only live in my memories, not on video or photo.

When I talk about it now I can still remember how devastated I was, when in the end it didn’t matter that much. I won’t forget the memory of those cute dinosaurs that live deep in the sea.

Ever had bad travel drama? Let me know in the comments, maybe together we can laugh about it now. 

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