To visit Jordan, or not to…

Visit Jordan! No, not the name but the country in the Middle East. By now most travel savvy people have heard about this well kept secret in the desert. Jordan has so much to offer, and next to nothing is promoted online about this true beauty. Come with me on this journey, read on and find out more about this true beauty and why you should visit Jordan!

Visit Petra

The number one on my list and probably also the first thing most people think about when they talk about visiting Jordan. Petra is the famous archeological site that once upon a time was the Capital of the ancient Nabatean Kingdom. I can’t wait to see the magic of the treasury that everyone keeps talking about!

Float in the dead sea

Dead sea in jordan, water ocean sea sand horizon.

The dead sea, a depressing name but so much fun! Do I really have to explain why this is a must when you visit Jordan? Isn’t floating around on water without effort not enough? Such a dream!

Canyoning in Wadi Mujib

If you are looking for same adventure and Canyoning, Wadi Mujib is the place to go when you visit Jordan. It is a fun and mentally challenging adventure for everyone. Don’t worry if you haven’t been in the gym every day this year, if I can do it, you can do it!

See the Wadi Rum desert

Wadi Rum desert, sand, sand and more sand, rock formations, mountains of rocks.

Have you ever seen a desert? The dry wilderness that looks like a different planet. In this desert you have to option to stay at a Bedouin camp and go on various excursions such as 4×4 rides and jeep safaris. Fun fact: did you know that Wadi Rum was the film location for the movie The Martian? It was filmed here due to its alien like landscape!

Mount Nebo

Visit Mount Nebo and write your name in history. At Mount Nebo there is a mosaic in production which depicts The King’s Way. This is a route from Aqaba to Bosra Sham. After completion tit will run for over 30 metres including over 3.5 million pieces of mosaic. It will be the largest mosaic in the world! The city of Madaba invites every guest to partake in this enormous project by placing your name on a small piece of mosaic.


Amman, the biggest city of Jordan. A beautiful sight of a hill to the center of Jordan. Many white houses and sand.

Most visitors rush through Amman or don’t visit it at all. Such a shame as Amman is beautiful and fascinating city, and how can you say you have visited Jordan if you haven’t seen the biggest city. The city has plentiful ancient Roman sites, artistic neighborhoods and bohemian shops and cafes for you to explore.

Visit Jerash

Jerash in Jordan, old roman cite, roman empire, old roman ruins.

If you’re a fan of history Jerash is the place to be. This is by far one of the most important Roman cities outside of Rome. Weren’t expecting that to be in a country like Jordan right? Me neither! With an impressive amphitheater, mosaic floors and lots of ruins it is a great place for a stop.

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Should you visit Jordan? A definite yes!! Find out here why and which places you shouldn't skip when visiting.
Should you visit Jordan? A definite yes!! Find out here why and which places you shouldn't skip when visiting.

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