WHAT!!? Did you know this about Australia?

I was doing some research for one of my school reports about Australia in general. I found out some of the most incredible, scary and funny facts about this country. Quite a lot of them are pretty amazing and I just had to share them.

Okay so, the one I was most impressed with, and yes I knew beforehand Australia was massive, is the size of this island. I did my research and I knew that Holland could fit into Australia a few hundreds of times. However after seeing this image I was just flabbergasted, it is just in one word MASSIVE.

The Great Victoria Desert, just one of Australia’s deserts is larger than the United Kingdom. You could lose an entire country in Australia and never even know it!

australia big

  • Australia’s first police force was made up of the most well-behaved convicts.
  • The biggest property in Australia is larger than Belgium.
  • Each week, 70 tourists overstay their visas.
  • Australia was one of the founding members of the United Nations.
  • Kangaroos and emus cannot walk backward, one of the reasons that they’re on the Australian coat of arms.
  • If you visited one new beach in Australia every day, it would take over 27 years to see them all.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the planet’s largest living structure. It even has its own postbox!
  • There are more than 150 million sheep in Australia and only 20 million people. That’s 8 sheep for every person.
  • Another interesting Australian animal is the Wombat, it marked its territory quite interesting, with cube shaped poop..
  • The Australian Alps receive more snowfall than Switzerland.
  • Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.

  • In 2005, security guards at Canberra’s Parliament House were banned from calling people ‘mate’. It lasted one day.
  • There are 60 designated wine regions in Australia.
  • Melbourne has been ranked the world’s most liveable city for the past three years.
  • Australia is home to 20% of the world’s poker machines. Half of them are found in New South Wales.
  • The selfie is an Australian invention. It was invented in 2002 by Nathan Hope.
  • Each year, Brisbane hosts the world championships of cockroach racing.
  • There have been instances of wallabies getting high after breaking into opium crops, then running around and making what look like crop circles. If you don’t believe me, read this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8118257.stm
  • An Australian man once tried to sell New Zealand on eBay.
  • Australia is home to 10 of the world’s 15 most poisonous snakes as well as a disproportionate number of venomous spiders.
  • There have been no deaths in Australia from a spider bite since 1979.
  • Currently there is a chlamydia outbreak among koala species, which has led to a 15% drop in koala populations.

There are many, many, many more facts about Australia, I could probably write for a day and not be finished. But these were my favourites, at least for the ones I found online.

Do you know any facts that I missed? I’d love to hear about them.

To end, this interesting video about Australian wildlife.

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