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Stereotypes are one of the biggest annoyances in the world. According to most, Dutchies are tall blondes that are very stingy, walk around in clogs, live in a windmill and do drugs whenever they can. Seriously, read that line again right now. Does that sound like an actual person to you? I am here to tell you that stereotypes are just that, stereotypes. Maybe some of it was true at a certain point in time, or during a specific celebration. But I probably have to disappoint you here stereotypes are nine out of ten times, very untrue. They are not only untrue, they can be hurtful or just downright annoying when people repetitively ask you if you have some drugs on you or if you have an elephant in your backyard.

I asked the same question to hundreds of people from around the world; what stereotypical untrue things have been said to you or have you been asked about that regard the country or region you live in? Some you probably know about you might have even experienced them yourself, such as pizza and pasta eaters in Italy, only fat people in North America and the Brits and their tea. Others are seriously hilarious, it is ridiculous that people actually believe those stereotypes are true.

So, for all you unknowing out there, go through this list. Make sure that next time you encounter someone from a country that you have heard “things” about you don’t just blurt out whatever you are thinking. People will greatly appreciate you NOT saying untrue stuff about their country and them having to explain how it is not true.



The people that helped me put this post together were all born or raised in the country they are talking about. Shout out to all of them for having put up with listening to stereotypical crap since forever!


  • Everyone has a kangaroo in the backyard and wrestles with crocodiles daily – Johnny from Mexico Trippa
  • Australians are very laid back, you could also just call them lazy. You should definitely call them Sheila.. – Allisson

Allison from Sydney Fashion Hunter – “we don’t keep kangaroos as pets and not every single critter is out to kill you (just most of them lol)”.

Ashlee from – “Everything you are thinking about regarding Aussie stereotypes right now is what I dislike!”



  • All Austrians are into classical music and play a music instrument – Stevie 



  • Women dance Samba naked on the street every day – Vanessa
  • Everyone in Brazil is very poor.

Vanessa – “Carnival and samba dancing on the street is a once-in-a-year parade in one street by professionals, it’s not like we dance our way naked to work”.



  • Bulgarians are mean and complain ALL the time. They seriously live only in the negative – Svet

Svet – I love my country, it has a unique combination of breath-taking mountains, gorgeous sea beaches, rich ancient history, and delectable food”. 



  • All people live in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, there is NO ONE ELSE in the rest of the country – Stephen

Stephen from Big Beaver Diaries  – “Oh, you are from Canada. I have a friend from Toronto. Come and meet Jeff. (I am about as interested in meeting Jeff as I am in catching malaria)”.



  • When you are from the Carribean, you can sit around and drink rum all day – Kyle from go drift away.



  • Coke and other kinds of drugs is all we sell here – Laura

Laura – “Every airport and cop judges me for my nationality! Ignorants..”



  • Alcoholics and very anti-social people is all you will find in this country – Enni
  • The northern lights can be seen every night of the year, from every location in the country.
  • Finland has loads of polar bears.



  • The french are superior to any other country in the world, according to the french of course.
  • No one in France speaks English and they are very rude people in general – Emily



  • All germans are angry Christiane from a rose gold world.
  • They all wear lederhosen (like typical Bavarians) and eat sauerkraut every day. Oh, and if you have a meeting, Germans are always on time! – Annemarie from Travel on the Brain
  • Beer and pork every day all day in Germany is O.K. – Janni

Janni from Travel Without Ends – “Germany is not just Munich”.



  • Everyone is Greece is lazy – Eftychia
  • All of Greece is poor, and that is why it is very dangerous to go there now.



  • People on Hawaii all live in grass shacks, their daily clothing mainly exists of grass skirts and coconut bikini’s – Brittney



  • India isn’t safe to travel, especially not for women on their own – Satadal
  • The country exists of only snake charmers, black magic and holy cows.
  • Indians only eat curry and love Shahrukh Khan and also meet up with Bollywood celebrities at random – Menorca from Europe Diaries.



  • All Italian men are momma’s boys.
  • Every local knows at least one person connected to the Italian mafia.
  • Italians only eat pizza and pasta, most of them are also in the mafia and play the mandolin – Silvia 



  • Everybody is rich! – Kris



  • Tax heaven – Geema
  • All locals only wear shorts and beachwear – Geema



  • Mexicans only drink tequila, wear sombrero’s and do drugs wherever and whenever they can – Montse

Punky from Barcelona added that “loads of shops in BARCELONA sell sombrero’s to tourists who think that just because we speak the “same” language we are the same culture. Honestly, the amount of tourists that actually buy them and the stuffed camels is kind of amazing!”



  • Everyone does drugs all the time, on the streets, in cafe’s.. It is really normal there.
  • The Dutch eat only cheese.
  • All Dutch are DJ’s, they really know how to play and will all be famous one day.
  • Everyone lives in Amsterdam, there rest of the country is empty..


North America

  • All American love guns, own a gun and know everything about guns – Dave
  • Isn’t this the place where all the fat people live? – Cathy from The Trekking Cat
  • All Americans are pushy, arrogant and rude.. – Elaine
  • Americans only care about America – Sheila
  • If you live in the South and you are white you are racist, privileged and much, much worse – Susan
  • Americans only travel in America, they really don’t like seeing any other part of the world Cacinda

Vik from I am Vagabond – “living in Los Angeles doesn’t mean we shake hands with Hollywood stars every day.. Maybe just every other day, def not every day”.



  • All locals are terrorists – Kamal

Kamal – “We suffered terrorism and successfully fought and eliminated terrorists. Here is what I am doing to fight this misconception”.



  • Poland is only all about vodka and pierogi – Marta
  • There are no roads in this country, oh and just a reminder drinking vodka for breakfast is normal – Milena from The Brunette Abroad



  • All Romanians are gypsy, oh and they also don’t have water, electricity and internet just like almost every other country in the world – Cristina from Hidden Gems
  • Again, Romanians are gypsies, thieves and everyone wants to move to the UK to live on social aid. Don’t forget, most of them are also mail order brides – Gabi



  • All Serbians are immensely proud of their country – Natalija

Most just like a party, Natalija explains “I’m only proud of our constant celebrations, not specifically of the country itself”.



  • If anyone even knows the country exists, they often believe everyone speaks with a Russian accent and gets wasted on cheap alcohol – Nina
  • Everyone in Slovenia is an introvert and very cold to others.
  • Slovenia…. do you mean Russia?


South America

  • Only lazy people live in Puerto Rico – Brenda
  • Puerto Rico is an island, that is why EVERYONE always wears bathing suits and knows how to swim.


South Africa

  • Africans live in the jungle and have elephants in their yard – Tescha
  • Coloured people in South Africa smell bad, are dumb, murder, steal, rape, are racists, and have enormous shafts.
  • All white people living in South Africa are snobbish, live on farms, are racist, wear khaki clothes, and listens to bad Afrikaans country music.
  • It is very unsafe in South Africa, you might get eaten by cannibals – Adele from Go At Explore 



  • Sangria is the main drink for every dish.
  • Spain is only about bullfighting – Virginia from Travelling and Dreaming
  • Everyone lives in either Madrid or Barcelona, there is no one else in the rest of the country.
  • Rafael Nadal is the only athlete that ever came from Spain.


United Kingdom

  • All brits drink tea – Hannah from Hannah International
  • Everyone LOVES the royal family.
  • Bad dental hygiene and rubbish cuisine is a given in the UK – Abigail



  • You speak Chinese, right?
  • Everyone has the same last name: Nguyen.


I would again like to thank everyone who helped me put this post together!

PART II of this post is coming – if you would like to be featured feel free to send me an email at !

Worldwide Stereotypes stereotypes world perspective, asia, europe, thailand, america, brasil


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  1. arosegoldworld
    | Reply

    Your post came out so amazing! I am happy, I could help you 🙂

    Chrissy |

  2. Scott Penton
    | Reply

    Another one, a little more local, if you’re from Buffalo, NY you must only get snow all year and are apart of New York City.

  3. carolcolborn
    | Reply

    Nice topic! Travel should be fatal to prejudice, as Mark Twain said.

  4. Marjorie
    | Reply

    I get what you mean, people can be ridiculous and stupid sometimes hahaha… But reading through the list, some of those are actually true.

    The most common stereotypes for us Filipinos is that all of us are maids. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced being mistaken for one yet (and I hope to god I won’t).

  5. Angela
    | Reply

    Wow, is it bad some of these made me laugh out loud?! I remember years ago on a trip meeting people from the UK (I’m an American) & they told me they thought the US was going to be filled with people similar to the Jerry Springer show. Still cracks me up!

  6. Travelog with Jem
    | Reply

    Hahaha!!! Don’t we just love being stereotyped? I want to participate in the next round, please?

  7. thetraveloguer
    | Reply

    Haha, this is a great post. It’s crazy how some stereotypes are so random!

    • anne030890
      | Reply

      I know right! Some are so obvious, can’t believe people actually still ask about them.

  8. Stacey Valle
    | Reply

    Love this post! Very informative and love how you put up different countries and other travel bloggers’ words. I’ll share this! 🙂

    • anne030890
      | Reply

      Thank you! I’ve been super interested in stereotypes lately, there are so many!!!

  9. Kevin Wagar
    | Reply

    Too funny! It’s hilarious how stereotypes come across. As a Canadian, we are generally pretty self-deprecating in our humour and use stereotypes as an inside joke.

  10. Sher
    | Reply

    ha this stereotype list definitely made me chuckle


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