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The 4 Greatest Cash Secrets and techniques of Millionaires (that most individuals misunderstand)


The next is an abbreviated transcription from a video Linda and I recorded. Please excuse any typos or errors.

Have you ever ever puzzled about millionaires, and what their cash secrets and techniques are that “regular” individuals don’t get?

On this article we’re diving into some tremendous cool stuff– the 4 largest cash secrets and techniques of millionaires that most individuals fully misunderstand.

millionaire money secrets

We’re unpacking findings from a examine by the Ramsey staff that surveyed 10,000 millionaires and the outcomes will shake up a variety of the myths you’ve heard about millionaire existence.

Whether or not you’ve given a variety of thought to your monetary journey otherwise you’re nonetheless figuring it out, this episode will gentle a fireplace below you. And, for those who’ve been overwhelmed by misconceptions about what it takes to achieve monetary freedom, we’re busting these myths extensive open.

For many who wish to be extra beneficiant, create passive earnings streams, or simply reside a life that honors God financially, these insights on this article are invaluable.

Success leaves clues! By understanding the true habits and selections of millionaires, we will apply these classes in our personal lives and alter our household timber for the higher.

Watch the total dialog or learn the transcript under…

Now, let’s discover out their secrets and techniques!

The 4 Greatest Cash Secrets and techniques of Millionaires

Bob: However anyway, so at this time what we’re speaking about that I’m actually excited to speak about is the 4 largest cash secrets and techniques of millionaires that most individuals will misunderstand.

And this… It’s tremendous cool. This comes from a examine that the Ramsey staff put collectively the place they mainly surveyed 10, 000 millionaires and requested all these questions and discovered a variety of tremendous attention-grabbing details about millionaires that I feel most individuals do not know about and that most individuals are fully unsuitable about.

I feel there’s a variety of actually great things in right here.

Linda: What for those who ask it within the type of a query? Are you able to do this with out giving it away?

Bob: I don’t know. Possibly. Possibly we will strive that. Possibly. The primary one I feel will work. And the rationale we’re speaking about this, and the rationale I discover this fascinating, is that I imagine success leaves clues.

Okay, so you’ll be able to take a look at somebody who has succeeded in some specific space and there’s oftentimes clues of how they bought there now May not be 100% roadmap the place you’ll be able to observe step-by-step every thing, you already know That’s not at all times the case. Though typically it’s however there’s typically clues of Alright, this individual did this, and this, and people are defining traits of how they achieved X, Y, or Z.

Okay. Due to this fact, perhaps we must always mannequin a few of that. Possibly we must always apply a few of that to what we’re doing, if we want the identical factor that they achieved. Identical end result.

Secret #1: 79% of millionaires didn’t obtain any inheritance in any respect

Bob: Anyway. First query, or perhaps we may pose it as a query. What share of millionaires do you suppose inherited their wealth versus those that are self made?Basically self made. I don’t just like the time period self made, however, yeah, for, so we will perceive. Yeah, self made millionaires.

In order that’s the primary query. Ask your self that. What share of millionaires do you suppose inherited, okay? Do you wish to guess?

Linda: A number of thought going into this guess I do know. It’s attention-grabbing as a result of, When you consider how issues was once, or at the least in accordance with the flicks that I watch in regards to the olden instances.

Bob: The olden instances.

Linda: It’s a variety of like inheritance and so they look down on individuals who have been self made. New cash.

Bob: Yeah, new cash.

Linda: It was identical to, who’s their household? What did their household do? However now it’s somewhat bit the other. The place it’s for those who inherit your cash, you’re oh you didn’t even must work for it. 

Bob: Yeah, all proper, so I’m simply gonna provide the reply: three % of millionaires obtained an inheritance of 1,000,000 {dollars}. Three. Three % of obtained an inheritance of 1,000,000 or extra.

Okay, so that may be a I’ve nothing after which I’m immediately a millionaire Okay, so three % inherited 1,000,000 or extra. Okay, however there’s shocked by that 79% of millionaires didn’t obtain any inheritance in any respect from dad and mom or relations In order that implies that would have 21% obtained one thing However, it wasn’t sufficient to push them to be millionaires by itself.

Linda: What’s nice about that is that there’s a lot hope for everyone.

Bob: Yeah, no, that’s what’s actually cool about this. Is that you just don’t must have that, and also you don’t even must obtain any inheritance.

Linda: Yeah, completely. Trigger like I might, in my head I might suppose, oh if any individual obtained, $100,000 as an inheritance, they may use that to begin their enterprise or, no matter. Get them up and going.

Bob: Yeah. However, that’s not the case both.

Which class do most millionaires come from?

Bob: Wow, take a look at this. 80% of millionaires come from households at or under a center class earnings stage. 80% of millionaires. That’s additionally actually cool. And I feel it’s a little bit too little doubt there’s nonetheless inequality, and I feel that’s simply at all times gonna be current.

Like Jesus stated, we at all times have the poor with us. I feel it’s at all times gonna be current, however I feel we must always do no matter we will do to assist treatment and clear up that.

And I feel to what you’re saying I feel we’ve seen that tide flip somewhat bit like that’s thrilling to me that 80 millionaires have been center class or decrease class.

Linda: That’s Actually cool and inspiring that, at the least in America, which you could change your loved ones tree, proper?

And particularly as a result of like I really feel like so many individuals might be trapped in a sure mindset And it’s simply thrilling to see that many individuals get away of yeah, I’ll at all times be poor kind of considering.

Bob: Yeah, and with the limitless quantity of schooling that anybody can get from YouTube, or from no matter as of late, like schooling is a lot extra accessible than it’s ever been. And so I feel that simply makes all of this, for individuals who are keen to place within the work, simply makes it much more accessible.

Linda: Yeah, that’s superior. Alright, nice. Okay, I’m not gonna, I’m gonna strive not to have a look at the display screen and skim it.

Bob: Alright, so that you wanna guess? You wanna preserve guessing?

Linda: I wanna preserve guessing. I feel that is enjoyable.

Bob: Alright. I don’t suppose the second’s going to work like that, however we’ll simply do it. So I’m going to simply damage it for you.

Secret #2: You don’t must earn almost as a lot as you suppose with the intention to turn into a millionaire

Bob: So the second is that you don’t must earn almost as a lot as you suppose with the intention to turn into a millionaire. Okay. So most individuals imagine that reaching millionaire standing requires an enormous earnings. However, in accordance with this nationwide examine of millionaires, it reveals that the typical millionaire makes far lower than you’ll anticipate.

So 33% of millionaires by no means made greater than 100 thousand {dollars} a yr at any level of their profession. 33%, a 3rd of them by no means made greater than 100 grand a yr.

Okay. 31% of millionaires made round 100 thousand {dollars} a yr over the course of their profession.

After which from a no matter we might name this your place in your organization solely 15% of millionaires have been in senior management roles, govt roles like CEO, CFO, and stuff like that.

Yeah, solely 15%. So meaning 85% have been, center to decrease stage staff. That’s very attention-grabbing. Yeah, that’s thrilling. 

It’s much less about what you make and extra about what you do with it

Linda: Yeah, after which we discuss this within the e-book (Easy Cash, Wealthy Life) and in TFF, True Monetary Freedom, about Mike Tyson. And Ronald Reed. Ronald Reed is that this, gasoline station attendant and a janitor, proper?

Bob: Yeah.

Linda: Made that wage and had what? Eight million {dollars} when he died? And I imply you, you truthfully give a number of different examples of individuals like that who’s have tiny salaries. However yeah, by the point they die, they’re like They’re rolling in it.

Bob: Yeah, that’s why I at all times say it’s much less about what you make and extra about what you do with it like we’ve got a lot extra management over the end result and it’s the wage it may well assist little doubt.

Yeah, however as we see with Mike Tyson who earned 300 or 4 hundred million {dollars} over the course of his profession in blew all of it. Prefer it’s not about how a lot cash you make, you already know? 

Linda: It nearly looks as if the tides are shifting as a result of you already know when our grandparents we take into consideration our grandparents and they’d work at an organization for What, 30, 40, 50 years, get their watch, get their pension, it was like that their loyalty to a spot would deal with them of their retirement.

And then you definately see our dad and mom era who it wasn’t as very similar to that. Such as you needed to begin working for it. And we noticed what was taking place when individuals weren’t working for it. As a result of they have been nonetheless in that transition of, however the firm is meant to deal with me, and so they’re not doing that anymore.

Bob: Yeah.

Linda: Yeah. And now I really feel like individuals are getting it. Don’t you suppose?

Bob: I do. I actually do.

Linda: It’s simply, yeah, it’s attention-grabbing. The schooling is popping out much more to the place individuals are like, no, you need to be investing. Yeah. Yeah. And hopefully we’re all getting good info and never simply, Simply purchase crypto.It’s the most effective factor.

Bob: I like your investing recommendation, hun. It is advisable to write a e-book. Alright. I already did, bro. I’m simply kidding. You probably did write a e-book collectively. Millionaire.

Secret #3: Millionaire spending habits look an entire lot completely different than everybody has led us to imagine

Bob: Quantity three, millionaire spending habits look an entire lot completely different than everybody has led us to imagine. Whether or not that’s commercials, whether or not that’s Instagram influencers, YouTubers with their Lamborghinis or no matter else. The millionaire, the true millionaire, habits are very completely different.

Okay. So most individuals, after they consider millionaires, they consider. I bought my $100,000 Mercedes, or I bought all these Gucci luggage. And yeah, no matter, all these items. Flashy is what we expect.

Linda: Yeah.

The Millionaire Subsequent Door

Bob: Yeah. However the reality is that it’s very completely different. And The Millionaire Subsequent Door, that e-book I learn, no matter, 10, 15 years in the past, that highlighted this concept as nicely and simply blew my thoughts. As a result of, every thing I assumed a millionaire was it’s nope. It’s fully completely different Yeah, they really drive Hondas and so they, you already know…

Linda: We want a Honda. He learn that e-book. He was like, we’re shopping for a Honda.

Bob: Anyway, so backside line is, I feel there’s simply this huge confusion over what actual millionaires truly do with their cash. And once more, coming again to that first level of success leaving clues, it’s like after we perceive what they really do and never what they, the wannabes do. Not what the posers do who’re attempting to make it appear like they’ve some huge cash.

And there’s a proverb, too, and I forgot which one it’s, the place it says one thing to the impact of there’s one who pretends to be wealthy however has nothing, after which one who pretends to be poor or one thing and has nice wealth, or one thing.

Anyway, so 94% of millionaires stated they reside on lower than they earn. Okay, 94% say they reside in lower than they earn.

Credit score Card Balances

Bob: And this one is actually cool. They must. 75% of millionaires reported that they by no means of their lives have carried a bank card stability. That could be a testomony. That’s telling one thing proper there. That’s attention-grabbing.

Linda: 75% reported they’ve by no means of their lives carried a bank card stability, of their lives?

Bob: Yeah.

Linda: Wow. That’s fairly cool. It’s attention-grabbing as a result of in the event that they’re rising up center class or decrease class. I don’t know, I simply discover that attention-grabbing. Wow.

Bob: Yeah.

Bob: I feel the massive takeaway from that is… cease carrying a stability. You’re carrying a stability in your bank card and also you wish to transfer ahead financially, and I feel everyone knows this, however this is rather like some emphasis to that time (learn how to get out of bank card debt).

Linda: That, that’s not serving to you get the place you wish to go.

Linda: Stop being showy. 

Bob: Stop being flashy.

Linda: Stop being flashy. Yeah.

Our SeedTime neighborhood is wise, they get it

Bob: Stop attempting to impress different individuals. Stop spending greater than you earn. And I do know I do know all of our SeedTime neighborhood who’s listening to this bought that.

Linda: Trigger you guys are all good. Don’t obtain an inheritance. If somebody needs to present it to you and reject it.

Bob: No, I don’t. I disagree.

Linda: I’m simply kidding. I do know, I’m simply making a joke.

Bob: However let’s get within the place that when that inheritance comes, that we will multiply that, we will use that for the development of the dominion in such a big means.

Bob: I do know, I’m simply making a joke. However once more, that’s why it’s so necessary that we get these items proper. And we’re not simply yeah, no matter, my dad and mom are going to go away me 1,000,000 {dollars} and I’m going to go blow it on three vehicles, this $250,000 Lamborghini. 

Linda: I had a pal a very long time in the past who, she bought an inheritance when she was like 18. And it was gone so quick. Like main as much as it, she was like, Oh man, I simply can’t wait. I’m going to do that.

And I used to be like, okay, that appears like I want I had it. I used to be not spending cash correctly, however I did watch how briskly it went. And it was like, that appeared you’re going to be a bajillionaire, and that cash was gone inside two years, most likely.

Fascinating factor about lottery winners

Bob: Yeah I’ll simply point out this, as a result of we have been speaking about this we’re recording this class for the Glorify Bible app proper now, which I’m tremendous excited to do, and in order that’ll be popping out quickly, and we’ll allow you to all learn about it when it comes out.

Linda: However I like that app, too.  

Bob: Yeah. And for those who haven’t checked it out, you must. They’re simply performing some cool issues in there, however anyway, all I’ve to say on this, we have been simply speaking about this the opposite day in one of many classes we have been creating there was a examine executed of lottery winners, after which I discovered this to be fascinating. However lottery winners, doesn’t matter how a lot cash you win, six months later, you might be no happier than you have been earlier than you gained.

So like that preliminary burst of happiness, as a result of whoa, we simply gained 10 million or no matter. It’s it’s tremendous thrilling for a day and perhaps even per week or no matter. However, you rapidly return all the way down to your regular ranges of happiness. And, I feel that’s so telling as a result of so many individuals simply suppose, that is going to vary my life for the optimistic in so some ways and, yeah, for the remainder of my life.

Linda: And the fact is that, more cash, extra issues (what the Bible says).

Bob: That, but additionally, and this examine doesn’t even go into all the issues, as a result of while you truly examine this out, prefer it’s actually tragic like there are there’s a excessive share of lottery winners who find yourself saying I want I might have by no means gained.

Linda: Oh my gosh, due to all the issues that ensue and no matter household challenges as a result of everyone’s asking you for cash and all of the drama that occurs.

Bob: So anyway inheritance is barely completely different In some methods, however level is that pleasure, that rush, it wears off.

Linda: Yeah. And it doesn’t final perpetually.

Bob: And that, I feel that’s actually good to know.

Linda: Yeah, completely. As a result of I feel so many individuals go into it like, sure, that is gonna change my life for good perpetually. And I’m gonna be completely satisfied perpetually. And it’s no. It’s not needed. You bought just a few days. Take pleasure in it whereas it’s enjoyable.

Bob: Yeah. Then it’s going to put on off. However anyway.

Secret #4: 75% of millionaires stated that constant investing over a protracted time period is the principle cause for them reaching millionaire standing

Bob: All proper, let’s go to the fourth one. All proper. This one is that millionaires are buyers. Okay. So this examine that was executed decided {that a} key figuring out issue of whether or not or not individuals are going to be millionaires was that they have been buyers.

Linda: They have been investing their cash.

Bob: So 75% of millionaires stated that. Constant investing over a protracted time period is the principle cause for them reaching that millionaire standing. 

Linda: Yeah, and I feel that’s the one factor that is smart given all the opposite issues. Not having an inheritance and rising up center to decrease class and likewise not incomes a excessive wage, proper?

Bob: Yeah, however I feel the necessary takeaway, too, that I’m typically attempting to remind individuals is you aren’t going to have the ability to save your method to turn into a millionaire. That’s addition.

Multiplying your cash

Bob: Okay, however we should be considering when it comes to multiplication, proper? How will we multiply the cash that God’s entrusted us with and that’s by means of investing that’s by means of taking some stage of calculated threat.

And this is the reason you must discover ways to make investments don’t simply run out and begin doing it. and we’ve got a 10x investing course we’d be completely satisfied to point out you every thing we’ve discovered on how to do this, However the level is, you must use some knowledge, be taught one thing about learn how to make investments your cash, after which take a calculated threat on how to do this.

And that is the Parable of the Skills. We return to that, that parable, and the 2 guys who took some dangers have been praised, however the one who took no dangers and buried the expertise within the sand, just like the grasp didn’t have good issues to say to him. 

Linda: As a result of he didn’t simply need his a refund on this. He was asking so that you can multiply it.  

Bob: That was the implication that was, yeah.

Linda: Yeah, and we’ve talked about how so long as the earth stays, these items will stay, chilly and 

Bob: warmth. Yeah, summer season and winter. I forgot the opposite one. Seed time and harvest. Seed time and harvest. I don’t know.

Linda: Yeah, And that concept of, he’s mainly telling us go do that. Multiply.

Bob: Multiply. Yeah.

Linda: And when he, and his, the system that he units in place is he didn’t need, like he may have simply created one apple tree, however he didn’t. Or one apple that he didn’t do this both prefer it’s seeds in it and the season of multiplication

Bob: Yeah, so that you just don’t you plant a seed and also you don’t simply get an apple you get a complete tree with heaps extra on it.

Linda: I imply, it’s simply it’s superb.

Bob: In the event you truly take into consideration the system that God set in place, it’s completely superb. And we’ve got the, is similar alternative to do this with our cash. Permit our cash to multiply, to create more cash.

Linda: Yeah.

Bob: And anyway, and that’s what millionaires do. Yeah. So that is additionally straightforward and when it comes to having a place to begin with this, I’ll offer you this proper right here.

401k and 403b plans

Bob: So 80% of millionaires invested of their firm’s 401k or 403B plan. So 4 out of 5 millionaires invested, have been invested of their 401k plan. In order that’s the low hanging fruit. That’s the straightforward and simple means (a no brainer funding). And once more and I’ve been aggravated doing what we do. I really feel like I’m discovering increasingly more.

I’ve to repeat myself and say the identical factor again and again. And a type of issues is that in case your employer has one among these. And so they have an identical program, like completely do it.

And I’ve stated that a lot, so I’m I don’t know if I must say this anymore. However I simply learn the stat the opposite day, there’s solely like For the typical 401k program, it’s solely 20% of individuals are truly profiting from it.

Go to your HR rep at this time. Possibly we have to discuss it extra. 

Linda: No, however actually, it’s HR that you just go to?

Bob: Yeah. You go to HR and also you say, I wish to begin contributing. Or discover out what I’m contributing and ensure it’s… It’ll take you most likely quarter-hour. You go in there, you discover your checking account, your routing quantity, give them a cellphone name.

Test…verify… or no matter, it’s easy, however yeah.

It’s value your time

Linda: One of many issues that you just at all times do to me, as a result of I hear that and I’m going, Oh man, I gotta fill out paperwork, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, after which I delay it, however one of many issues that you just at all times say to me is, If I used to be going to pay you 1,000,000 {dollars} to fill out that paperwork, would you do it?

If I used to be going to pay you 1,000,000 {dollars} to Are you aware what I imply? 

Bob: Extra appropriately is, what’s the greenback per hour return on doing this factor? Positive. And I feel that simply makes it somewhat bit clearer. Positive. For instance whether or not refinancing your mortgage or one thing that’s an ideal one.

It’s nobody needs to do that, but when that’s a $10,000 job and it’s going to take you 5 hours, it’s like, all proper, would you be completely satisfied to be paid $2,000 an hour to go refinance your mortgage? Sure. It’s sure.

That makes it a lot extra engaging. And so within the case of this, it’s loads tougher to measure what it truly goes to show into, however…

However once more… However nonetheless… For a greenback per hour job, it’s you most likely don’t get something, particularly in case your employer has an identical program the place they’re providing you with free cash. You place in a greenback and so they’re like, we’re going to place in a greenback totally free for you. It’s that’s completely superb.

And by the way in which, we’ve got that. So for those who ever wish to come work for us, we’ve got an identical program in our agency. 

Work for SeedTime?

Linda: What are we hiring for? I don’t know. 

Bob: Family supervisor? I don’t know. We do have a pair positions that we are going to be, In all probability placing some feelers out for at some point, however I’ll simply go away this I’m gonna throw this on the market for those who do one thing and also you’re like I feel I might be a very large asset to what SeedTime is doing, and I like their mission, ship us an e mail ship us a DM.

We’ll go away it at that if in case you have nice concepts, you’re like man they’re doing this nicely. However I’m an professional at that and I may assist them take that to the subsequent stage. Ship us your concepts. We’ll go away it at that.

Not a single millionaire within the examine stated one particular person inventory funding was an enormous issue of their monetary success.

Bob: Oh, let me learn this too. That is actually cool. Oh good. Not a single millionaire within the examine stated one particular person inventory funding was an enormous issue of their monetary success.

Linda: Actually? So what meaning to me. In order that they didn’t purchase Apple again when it first got here out or one thing like that.

Bob: It wasn’t only a one single inventory, like Starbucks. To me what meaning is that they have been investing in mutual funds or index funds. With a variety of investments and never only one single moonshot inventory that did rather well.

Wherein and I nice that’s what we educate in our 10x investing course. And you already know the second half or plus bundle of the course like I get into inventory choosing as a result of we’ve got had some large inventory picks that paid off our home, so it’s like we’ve gotten that and that’s nice.

However on the finish of the day I agree with that. It’s a a lot less complicated strategy and extra constant with out the ups and downs. As a result of I’ve had shares which have gone to zero. So it’s typically it really works rather well and large issues occur. Krispy Kreme, that was one. Anyway, lengthy story brief, we gained’t get into that. However level is that typically particular person inventory goes up, typically it goes down.

Linda: These donuts tasted actually good too. That’s a bummer.

Bob: I do do not forget that. You want Krispy Kremes?

Linda: I did Krispy Kremes. You get them sizzling. How cool is that?

Bob: They’re nice. Anyway, okay So we’ve got a I bought a candy tooth.

Linda: Are you aware it’s time for chocolate and I don’t have any are we out?

Bob: Yeah, and it’s on its means. So if you wish to carry us some chocolate, we reside in Franklin. That’d be nice. Linda would recognize that if you wish to simply come on by.

Enjoyable truth

Bob: Enjoyable truth This enjoyable random story I had somebody when our e-book got here out ship me an e mail and stated, Hey, I’m flying in from California. I wish to be in Franklin. I’d love to come back by your own home and have you ever signal the e-book.

And I’m like, certain, like I, I didn’t know this individual in any respect, however wished me to come back by and I gotta say. Positive. If it was you, I won’t have stated sure, however however because it was me asking to come back, I went puff my chest actual large once I opened the door with a shotgun.

Linda: That is Tennessee.

Bob: Right here’s my sharpie to signal the e-book. And I bought my shotgun. However anyway, yeah.

Linda: So for those who noticed our entrance garden, that may not make any sense.

Bob: We reside in a subdivision. So it’s, it will be a brief entrance yard. However, anyway, it was enjoyable, and the man beloved the e-book. And much more attention-grabbing than that he advised me, he’s not even a Christian, however I simply actually beloved this e-book.

And I used to be like, scratching my head, I’m like, I don’t… I’m shocked. As a result of earlier than I thought-about myself a Christian, I wouldn’t have favored this e-book. However anyway, I assumed that was actually attention-grabbing, and we had another person the opposite day attain out to us, who simply completely beloved the e-book and stated that they weren’t a believer and didn’t actually get all of the God stuff we talked about. However, actually beloved the e-book. And I’m like man Lord, you’re doing issues with this that I by no means anticipated. In order that’s fairly enjoyable.

Linda: It’s only a seed planted. You recognize what I’m saying?

Bob: Seed planted. Yeah.

Our Prayer

Bob: God I simply pray for each these individuals proper now that you just’d transfer on their lives and with our hearts and so they come to know you within the fullness!

Motion objects

Bob: That’s all for at this time. Hope you’ve loved hanging out with us. We’ve loved hanging out with you.

Linda: And yeah, what’s your motion merchandise for this?

Bob: Yeah, a pair issues, like a few of these issues we talked about, simply take into consideration this in your personal life. All proper. If success leaves clues, like what are the issues you’ll be able to apply? And so once more, perhaps that’s the 401k, like simply beginning there.

Linda: In the event you haven’t executed any of this, proper?

Bob: Possibly it’s, yeah, not being so flashy together with your cash. Possibly if that’s it, not attempting to maintain up with the Joneses. Don’t fear that your neighbor simply bought a brand new automobile. Maintain driving your automobile that’s paid off. Simply take pleasure in it. Maintain driving that Honda.

Linda: Drive that Honda. That’s the millionaire maker there, man.

Bob: So anyway, that’s all for at this time. We’ll see you within the subsequent episode.

Linda: We love you. Thanks for being a part of the SeedTime neighborhood.

Bob: Yeah. See ya.

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